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Nurture Series

Life-sized relief papier mache sculptures depict  individuals in society and their interactions in everyday life. Often going unseen and unheard, we all contribute and make up this diverse and multi-faceted population.  I appreciate the challenge of each piece, collapsing three dimensional pieces into 2 and 3 dimensional space. I love the process working with photography, wire, papier mache and painting. I seem to become somehow bonded to these individuals carefully exploring and interpreting their attitude. These sculptures are based on photographs taken of the subjects.

Curator Review: 
This interpretive work by artist Lori Horowitz grafts two small beings to a central figure in an almost chimeric way. This
beautifully constructed ’gathering’, forges together feelings of need, longing, and urgency. The sensation of a desire for
‘place’ can be felt. Horowitz has sincerely created a piece, that resonates with humanity
. - E.E. Ja

"Love Birds "
Papier Mache over wire mesh on wood.. 
 24"H X 26"W X 10"D 




"All American "
Mixed Media
 30"H X 28"W X 20"D 




Baby Shoes photoprint small.jpg
"For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn". 
Mixed -media 
 48"H X 34"W X 10"D 




  Horowitz_N o Experience Necessary with
" No Experience Necessary "
Papier Mache over wire mesh on wood and burned copper wire mesh. 
 48"H X 34"W X 12"D 




"Under Cover -Greg Cipes,
Venice Beach
Papier Mache over wire mesh on wood. 
 48"H X 30"W X 11"D 




"--At the Drop of a Hat"
Papier Mache  and copper over wire mesh on wood. 
 48"H X 27"W X 16"D 



"Xanax in Fur "
Papier Mache  and copper over
wire mesh . 
(Back) Burned copper wire mesh
with pigment.
30"H X 20"W X 11"D  




bearded new sm.jpg
"Bearded "
Papier Mache and copper over
wire mesh on wood.  
(20"H X 20"W X 10"D)




our father photo_edited.jpg
"Our Father "
Mixed Media illuminated relief-
Papier mache, torched copper, wood  
 48"H X 32"W X 11"D 




Every Head Counts
"Every Head Counts"
Mixed Media Illuminated Relief
 30"H X 20"W X 20"D 




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