Burned into Memory



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Burned into Memory


  “Burned into Memory” is a psycho/social portrait of societies struggles with belonging and acceptance. These images are

painted with fire using a torch to create color and form.  They engage the transient qualities of functionality in society and bring light to the social current issues.

Pride .jpg

"Pride?" Mixed- Media -Torched copper wire mesh, photography and aluminum

(30" H x 50"W x 3D) 


freedom of speech .jpg

"Freedom Speech"

Character portrait burned into copper screen 


 ( 17"H x 11"W)


"We See Through It All"

Mixed- Media -Torched copper wire mesh, photography and aluminum

(30" H x 50"W) 


12.Horowitz_L _ Transparency .jpg

" Transparency"

       Character portrait burned and

     sculpted into copper screen with

      translucent and reflective lighting.


                 (14" H x 11" W x 5"D) 



" Reflecting Back"

Character portrait burned and sculpted  

 copper screen with translucent and reflective lighting. 

                                            (14" H x 11" W x 5"D) 

The Last Chair

"The Last Chair"

Character portraits burned into copper screen with translucent and reflective lighting and shadow 

(48"H x 27"W x 30D) 


                "All Dolled Up"

Character portrait burned and sculpted  into copper screen, with translucent and reflective lighting shadow 

(32 "H X 28"W x 6"D)  


"Kindred Spirit"

Mixed media sculptural reliefs burned into copper screening, photographic shadows
(51"H x 27" W x 2" D)


"Native Maize"

Character portrait burned into copper screen with 2                                and   3 D elements

                            ( 36"H x 34"W x 4"D)





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"Looking Out"